found bassist tris bout 5 years ago, in a basement jam, started some kinda band, went through many members, then merged with our rival band & formed Processing Jim, went thru many members, now its :me(Dctr Bob) tris(T-Bone) and jim(Jimbo Jones) R.O.T.J.

Beer And Luck

August 29th, 2005 + 1:08 PM  ·  DoctorBob

this is a more recent, better recording, again with a fraction of resources! i'm gonna battle it when its perfect, but check out our(Return Of The Jimbo) badly recorded song (bow bacca) for the september battle in the mean time... DrB

To the moderators/web designers...

August 25th, 2005 + 8:08 AM  ·  DoctorBob

Not sure if it's just my browser, but some of the links are in white against a white background...

Does this MP3 not follow the Rules? Report Abuse!

'rules' and 'reprt abuse' don't show up, so it looks kinda stupid....

Looks like this:

Does this MP3 not follow        ? ...

Bow Bacca

August 25th, 2005 + 7:08 AM  ·  DoctorBob

this is the old version, recorded on a VF-80 with no editing, and put onto the computer with a dodgy line in connection(you can hear the hiss in the bridge). the levels in the bridge are bad aswell! Now that all the bad critisisms are out the way, tell me what ya think!
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